What is Sidepath, See it in Action

Sidepath is a simple user interface for easily adding .htaccess redirects to a folder on your domain enabling you to give out simple addresses to complex URLs.

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Questions we receive often, if yours is not here please contact us.

1. Is Sidepath a hosted solution?

No, Sidepath is a purpose built application using PHP & MySQL that has to be run on your website/server.

2. Can I install Sidepath at the top-level of a domain/sub-domain?

Yes, see this news post for a detailed how-to.

3. How many sites can I deploy Sidepath on once I have purchased a copy?

You may install Sidepath on one domain only. Your Sidepath license is granted for 1 domain name, however, please feel free to discuss multiple domain prices with us. If you have 2 or 3 different websites then these will need mulitiple licenses. Distributing Sidepath to anybody else is strictly prohibited. Read: License Agreement

4. Why is there no built in security to validate that I have a legitimate copy?

The amount of time to build this into the product would far outweight how long it would take a pirate to rip it out and distribute it illegally. At the price point Sidepath is at we have made it an affordable product for anyone to purchase and use.

5. Will Sidepath work on my Windows server/ASP .net/Coldfusion website?

No, Sidepath is built in PHP and requires an Apache server.

6. Does the initial purchase price include all sequential updates/revisions? Will there be any further fees?

All point releases will be free, 1.1 1.5 1.9 etc. Any major updates going from version 1 to version 2 may require an additional small fee. Do note: There are currently (2nd April 2007) no plans to update beyond point releases for the foreseeable future.

7. That is a super sweet shopping cart icon!

Thanks, we love it too! However, we can not take the credit for it. It was created by Wolfgang Bartelme. So all credit and thanks go to him!