What is Sidepath, See it in Action

Sidepath is a simple user interface for easily adding .htaccess redirects to a folder on your domain enabling you to give out simple addresses to complex URLs.

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Sidepath Features

Gone are the days of incoherent URLs, and in are the days of understandable URLs from your domain name. No more difficult-to-remember URLs, just keywords at your domain!

Create Short URLs
Make easy to remember links for sharing with friends and associates.

Count Click Throughs
Keep track of how many times your redirects have been visited.

Easily Create & Edit
Manage your redirects in style with our easy to use ajax driven interface.

Sidepath looks pretty sweet. I bought a copy this morning. Congrats on the release!
Shaun Inman

Sidepath is WONDERFUL! Thanks for creating it. :)
Jennifer Pfister